I grew up in the Russian Far East, and attended the Oriental Studies Department at the Far Eastern State University in Vladivostok. I graduated with a double major in Japanese Studies and linguistics. In 1998 I was granted a research scholarship by the Ministry of Education of Japan and became a research student at Osaka University, Japan. In March 2001 I got a Master's degree at the Graduate School of Language and Culture in Osaka University. Master thesis title: “Orthodox Bible Translation into Japanese in the Meiji Period.” Currently I am a Ph.D candidate and plan to graduate by March 2004. My dissertation "The Postmodernist Critique of the Humanistic Frame in Religion" is in progress.

A Radical Theological Critique of Humanism

The collapse of the humanistic optimism of modernity led to a culture of distrust and suspicion. Postmodernist disillusionment in humanistic ideals results in nihilism.

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